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The MAJIC108FM.COM radio station started out being a perspective clone of the R&B powerhouse owned by Amaturo Group MAJIC 108FM in St. Louis that began in the early 80’s to the early 90’s. However, MAJIC108FM.COM has evolved in the last couple of years to an R&B mainstay in America serving many R&B communities with “R&B TALK” and R&B activism mixed with ‘Real R&B Music’ throughout the day. R&B community defines MAJIC108FM.COM without the R&B community MAJIC108FM.COM couldn’t exist. We continually reach out to the R&B business’es in our community to promote self-awareness, product culture, and community support for R&B business’es. MAJIC108FM.COM offers professional broadcast training online for FREE available on our website. Our one-on-one professional broadcast training has a nominal cost for serious learners. We ARE the R&B community. We admonish awareness for our community. We ask for your support. When you hear our interviews you hear quality, when you listen to our radio station you hear the quality. When you see our MAJIC108FM.COM Facebook post you hear and see quality. When you go to our MAJIC108FM.COM website you hear and see quality. When you look at our professional broadcast instruction videos you hear and see quality. If you appreciate all of this please consider giving $2 a month or at least $1 per month to keep our radio station filled with quality interviews, music, professional broadcast instruction and social awareness. You will receive a FREE silicon MAJIC108FM.COM bracelet when you give. Have an awesome DAY and keep jamming the MAJIC108FM.COM

Kind Regards,
Earl ‘Z’ Pearl

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