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The Artist
The essence of R&B is a feeling, you must be unafraid to express the way you really feel, couple that with mastery of your instrument or instruments after hours and hours spending time practicing to the point of supreme artistry showcasing to the world playing audio descriptions of universal vibrations. Most importantly, developing your God-given talent to the point where everyone in the world recognizes who you are.[spacer height=”20px”]

The Supporters
The emotion of the feeling the artist creates through the music creation engulfs us to the point of love, dance and reflection. Real R&B is more than what meets the eye, the music surrounds us to point of creating a lifestyle based on the messages in the music. We sing the chorus of the songs over and over again through the day reminding us how powerful the messages are. Supporters realize these messages are timeless, hit R&B songs never become old they evolve with different versions with improved productions.[spacer height=”20px”]

The Conveyors
The conveyors of the R&B art form showcase, discern and promote the genius product created for the masses. Record companies, distributors, producers, arrangers, announcers and DJ’s create the mass distribution of R&B music to the supporters. We are honored to be an integral part of this process. We develop, nourish, and practice our crafts so that we are the perfect complement to the Real R&B showcase.


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